One Person Can Make a Difference

The Albinism Alliance Group is a creation formed from a need for inclusive, representation. An organization of this calibur is looking for persons from all walks of life and backgrounds, with albinism to unite and make a difference to get more done. It is our mission to celebrate the beauty of albinism by sharing what individuals are doing in theier community to not only make a differince in the community, but lead by example and light the path for the next generations. 

Albinism is an experience and is about more than negative things we have survived, but also about the positive one which help elevate us as individuals and encourage others to be the best versions of themselves as well. Low vision is a very prominent part of living with albinism and although its different for each person, can limit the quality of life for persons with albinism. We want to work through solutions that help reduce those limitations and redirect the focus off of appearance alone to more in depth problem resolutions for independence. 

“Albinism is an experience…”


While the focus for most persons who do not live with albinism, may be the noticeable exterior of our presence, it is not by far the most prevalent issue with the condition and  can NOT be transformed easily… for the benefit of the person with albinism. It usually benefits the persons we encounter and simply makes them feel more comfortable with us. That is not true acceptance…. Its tolerance at best and not a real solution. Promoting positive self image and building great personal and professional character are internal fixes that will go a long way to highlight any individual on merit, skill and personality. With that being said as you watch the videos below , may you become inspired to support those who are NOT just like you and be positively challenge to connect with someone different today. 

A Signature Pigment

Mrs. Sara Crawford-Jones gave here permission for us to share her powerful TedX Talk videio and and awesom testimony here on our website. She is a refreshing personality who knows who she is and identifies her uniqueness in “how she does…” what she creates and NOT her albinism and accomplishments alone. 

Mrs. Jones has taken a major step in putting herself out there to the world. This is a very candid and eye opening delivery by an enlightened young woman, who is using her voice to make a difference, and we see your true beauty! The Albinism Aliance Group solutes you Sara Crawford-Jones, for celebrating the beauty of albinism by being the best version of yourself no matter those who told you can’t follow your dreams. Thank you for sharing your experience and we wish you all of the success as a fashion designer and beyond. 

What a powerful way to make a difference! Hats off to Sarah Crawford-Jones for celebrating the beauty of albinism by sharing her experience.
Ms Rae Lowery CEO
President of The Albinsim Alliance Group (TAAG)