Support Recording Artist Anya Dixon

South Carolina has a new face and good spirit to put up in lights. Recording artist Anya Dixon and CEO of All A Music Productions is ready for her next CD. She will be performing live at the Lower Richland High School Auditorium on Saturday November 2nd, 2013. Doors open at 4:00 pm and the show starts at 5:00 pm. She is recording her new CD entitled “Overcomer”. With such a touching title, Im sure it is something that many of us can relate to.

If you are in the area or plan to make arrangement to be in the area, stop by and check her out. I have her previous cd, New Life, purchased on It was very inspirational. My favorite song off this album is “New Life”. This song really spoke to me with the career transitions and finding my place in this world. We are all talented in our own way, but the AB community seems specially gifted in the arts. With so many creative talents in the community it is difficult to keep up with all of them.

Today, we salute Anya Dixon for following her dreams and using her talent in the music industry. She will do well and The Albinism Alliance Group is wishing her the best. To follow Anya or to reach her for booking go to