INCLUSION intitiativeAfter recent incident with an out pour from persons with albinism responding to The Breakfast Club’s, “Where Do Albinos Go After High School; The energy level has reached a spilling over point. A response needs to be shared with the world and a reality series would be a great way to invite the public to learn what our experience, is like.

Published on Mar 28, 2016, Power 105.1 allowed the show staff to share a snippet of  the original show of  entitled Dick Gregory Discusses Race Relations with The Breakfast Club [Full Interview] This snippet of the interview, struck a chord with many because primary host found it funny to make fun of persons who in some respect are affected by the same and worst issues that he is standing up for, with “Black Lives Matter”. While all persons with albinism are NOT African American, myself and many who are… were somewhat startled at the way we were dismissed because of the physical appearance of persons with albinism. Albinism in itself is a condition where a person may have little to no pigment in one’s hair, skin or  eyes.  In most cases even with Caucasian individuals, skin color is much paler than normal. This is more noticeable in populations where counter parts have darker skin. However, having white skin does not make you a white person. Also, you don’t have to be directly affected by or of color, to support this cause. Everyone knows this but stating where do Albinos stand on Black Lives Matter, meant to me that although I am black, my life didn’t matter enough, because of my albinism and white skin. Also that no one could care what’s happening, unless they are black…. In lieu of this, the host felt okay to make jokes and very shallowly used the platform to do so.


Cast of the show include Charlamagne Tha God, former co-host of The Wendy Williams Experience Aaron Tookes 2016and current host of MTV2’s Guy Code; Angela Yee, former morning show host on shade 45 at Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and cast member from VH1’s The Gossip Game; and DJ Envy. Listening to the interview you can hear Yee, sharing information about persons with albinism in a positive way. She also reminded the crew that she had recently shared a video of Shaun Ross, a model with Albinism in a recent music video shared online. Charlemagne seemed to revel in the concept that he didn’t remember the video  and proceeded  separating persons with albinism from their humanity, by suggesting 1). That we are ALL one race… 2). Humorously asking where we stand on “Black Lives Matter”. 

For those who are African American with Albinism, who do NOT have children with Albinism, but children with pigment just like him, it is unnecessary  to ask where we stand on Black Lives Matter….  Why would we want our children shot in the streets and profiled?  Who’s to say we are NOT profiled and harassed?  This host took a pretty ignorant position on a national platform and just so recently, after he attacked a host of another show for doing the exact same thing.  

Prejudice is prejudice and if you want people to respect you, you must remain conscious across the board. Treat people how you want to be treated. I do not feel this is what happened by sharing this clip and promoting a derogatory tone with the snippet. As the African Americans who are still fighting for their rights, many years after the civil rights bill has been in place, you would think that this show host would not seek to marginalize others, no matter their differences. 

Rae Lowery Featured MembersIn response to this negative plight it is time that networks take a chance to continue helping persons with differences share their perspective. Persons with albinism may be able to change some of the stigma that seems to take away from our quality of life. The Albinism Alliance Group is seeking producers who can approach this matter with an open heart and partner with us to create a solid platform to encourage persons with and without albinism, by sharing our experience of living with albinism and the hardships that prejudice bring to many of us in minority communities. Many television series in the reality realm deal with a transparency that is not always the most positive, while no one is perfect… We are striving to focus on building ratings by celebrating the beauty of albinism and sharing how we maneuver in this world despite limitations of low vision and other social issues related to albinism.  The AB Experience is our platform and we want to exercise our voice to create an outlet to truly share what we do after high school. Inclusion is the key through the INCLUSION initiative we aim change how persons with albinism are viewed. 

We want to take the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and by creating  an outlet that talks Keith Pegram 2about life for persons with albinism, we can dispel some myths and be encouraged that who we are matters beyond acceptance of negative perceptions adopted by society in general. The dynamic of the show is diverse and potential members of the cast come from different backgrounds and want to show people what it means to live with albinism. There are young parents trying to make a way, there are persons with albinism who are parents to children with albinism, relationships where there are mixed cultures and children who are the by product, people building careers  and relationship where both parties have albinism as well.  Atlanta comrades work, raise families and so much more. We are connected by a unique condition that has made it easy for society to label us, without getting to know us personally. We want to change this by sharing “The AB Experience’ with the world.   

Developing a reality show around the growth of 10 individuals and supporting cast, building lives in the wake of adversity due to stigmas out of our control. Our unique personalities and daily struggles are reduced by developing natural aptitudes and focusing on setting attainable goals that help each of us, reach higher points in life. With a cast of men and women sharing their experience, people around the world get to see life through our eyes.