Leading by Example

I was further awakened recently by the plight of chaos locked into non acceptance. I have lived this life for 37 years and been passionate about inclusion from the moment I met another person with albinism and it was shared with me, that I am different. Recently i found an awesome page on Facebook entitled Perfectly Flawed World to have many encouraging mes

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sages for persons living with VITILGIO and this further inspired me!

As a leader in my own right, my goal is to lead by example. I’ve exhausted resources and created new ones as the president The Albinism Alliance Group since 2008. I have learned In order to build a strong global network, which will educate the masses by building bridges that connect us near and far through information and resources that improve the quality of our lives, we must start at home.  We must take the opportunity to be seen  for “who” we are not “what” closed minds feel we should look like!l

Through persistence I want to see The Albinism Alliance Group continue to be an environment where we “celebrate the beauty of albinism”. As a social advocacy organization, we promote a foundation for a positive support network for and of persons living with albinism, our friends and family. In March of 2013 we will recognize our 10th annual anniversary. Among many things, I hope to push the “INCLUSION initiative” to build a stronger community bond that will allow us to partner with other

Christmas 2008-3grassroots organizations.

Awareness in our community revolves around bring about a change in they way persons with albinism are perceived as a result of physical characteristics that affect persons with the condition. Creating a platform where we showcase our beauty, talent, intelligence, aptitude and courage to follow our dreams, because there is so much more to a person then their outer shell.  The  “INCLUSION initiative” is a project where all AB community leaders take the opportunity to salute the people in their circle and promote fellowship that we all may be recognized in a positive light.

2013 Gathering for Bell and Lowery FamilyThe Albinism Alliance Group kicked off this goal and introduced to our group in 2012. In the coming years we are building on this experience by hosting more functions and welcoming more and more people who want to be a part of something good. Join us online on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on news and events with the group. All events are circulated through our page and members pages. If you are not a member of TAAG and would like to be connected check the membership link above and submit your request. You will be added to the events mailing list and social media outlets to insure you stay informed.

-Rae Lowery