What Is TAAG?

The Albinism Alliance Group or TAAG is a joint effort on behalf of Raletha Lowery and Mr. Lee G. Edwards and an attempt to form a social atmosphere to build a support network for persons with albinism. ALL are welcomed to be a part of TAAG but our target audience is the African American community. There are support groups for albinism but we are not just another support group! TAAG’s mission is to create albinism awareness by providing resources, literature, and sharing experience that allow individuals to better understand the condition and the people affected. We don’t dwell on negative experiences but present the positive energy that allows us to understand what we have gone through and how to make life situations better, as opposed to the typical stigma of a support group. We keep an informal atmosphere to encourage comfort amongst our members. In building this support network we want people to know that they are not alone in their endeavors and living with albinism doesn’t have to be a burden.

What Makes Us Different? 

There are so many career options and with the enhancement of technology we can do so many different things in spite of our low vision, but if no one is out there to encourage people and let them know these things exist how will they know? As important as it is to have organizations to deliver this information, it is just as important to have this information come from people that you can relate to. That is in all aspects including cultural, background, and interest. We are a diversified organization and feel strongly, that in order to fully serve the community all walks of life should be represented.  We are different because we support, “Inclusion” and are embracing knowledge from many sources so that people as a whole don’t miss out connections in the AB community. So TAAG welcomes any supporting person to come join us in celebrating the beauty of Albinism!

Support Needed

Right now we are in the process of gathering funds to set up a federally registered non profit corporation and after 10 years of service, we would like to open the doors to our very own discovery center. We are looking to make this our permanent meeting space for activities and events. This is a growing need for the  group to sponsor more frequent outreach and host our first annual national conference.

You are welcome to forward this information to anyone interested in joining our organization or supporting the organization financially.