For Immediate Release
“Foundation for Growth”

June 2008

It has been five exciting years since the first gathering for The Albinism Alliance Group! In the beginning their were three and today membership has increased internationally, to 111 members. Reflecting back on ideas that raised the motion to merge two albinism support groups, has encouraged a foundation for growth. The Atlanta Area Albinism Support Group founded by Lee G. Edwards and Blond Black Cuties Across the Globe founded by Raletha M. New TAAG logo-shadowLowery, were the beginning of TAAG. As the group grew, so did its organizational goals.

Initial launching, targeted only the African American community and focussed on community outreach. We have presented valuable information sessions, social events, and monthly meetings which encourage member participation. Through this we have learned that there is a continued need for TAAG and we want consistently continue bringing the community closer. Our literature is designed to bridge the gap of misunderstanding about albinism by relaying facts and positive information about living with albinism.

The Albinism Alliance Group envisions global outreach for persons with albinism. To accomplish this we are diversifying by partnering with other special interest grassroots albinism support groups to form a larger resource. We are a model for under served communities and would like to share our foundation with emerging support groups around the world. The following are major milestones for the development of TAAG.
TAAG Press Release 08
Visit us online at and follow the forum regularly for updates.Click here to download this press release. For additional information about The Albinism Alliance Group email us at TAAG is experiencing tremendouse growth because of your support so feel free to share this information with someone. Come “Celebrate the Beauty of Albinism!”, with us. Hope to see you at the next event.