NFL 2018: Rihanna Says No!

I understand wanting to be connected to hot Topics, that are world changing and relevant, but there is “Nothing like a well organized distraction. “ I like to know who is sharing the messages I support and what the motivation of the organizers are, to determine if the intent… is something I can get behind. 

I have never been one to use negative emotions to stir others, but it seems to be a popular publicity stunt used in online media everywhere.

I have subscribed to a new media source through Facebook Messenger. It seems to be automated and does ask for donations after each message. I’m “NOT” particularly sure on the origin of this messaging delivery and who has truly organized it. In response I share sparingly those things that are without bias or intent. Just can’t readily trust everything I find on the internet. It looks great for the most part, but going to wait and see what happens as the message grows. If it pans out these are real people and positive reinforcement, I’ll feel good about it.

So, recently I saw a post sharing that Rihanna turned down the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta I’m assuming, to support Former NFL Player and Peaceful Police Brutality Protester Mr. Collin Kapernick. (Sorry for Misspelling) 

I salute her for her bravery and appreciate the powers that be, for giving her a choice. Many of us can’t understand the true nature of the greed that controls the entertainment industry, artist, athletes choices and opportunities associated with the recoup of monies invested to promote them; before they begin to earn a dime. 

Overall, I’m very disappointed in SoSo Def founder Jermaine Dupree’s comment of “ Boycotts and Marches … not working or having a value on today”. These things give him a chance to speak today. To also earn a place in entertainment history. Not to mention on a business with the success of his artists and in entrepreneurship, as an African American man.

The automated messages that come from this Facebook Messenger inbox app or news sources, also shared that Mr. Atlanta: Jermaine Dupree suggested he believes artist should share their message on stage … not sure if he meant as a performance or after or on a break. Either way, accepting an opportunity to share a message of any type regarding the inequality of minorities, represented by the dismissive attitude of The NFL Owners and Supporters, is showing support for the organization’s message… Where is the opportunity? 

I understand that he has been hired to produce the concert series but I’m not sure he really looked at the implications of it over the financial opportunity for his business and services to get into the limelight. Working with major celebrities and actually getting them to separate from the “nature of today’s violence against minorities” propagated by law enforcement, is a tough pill to swallow, for me. What would we give for one of the biggest opportunities such as performing at the Super Bowl or organizing the concert, with the plight of supporting the killing of many black males by the police, is associated with the payday? 

To be clear I do “NOT” feels this is in any similar or relative to the personal arguments set apart requesting boycotts by celebs because they didn’t get their way. I mean Monique with Netflix and Chris Rock with the Oscars or Not boycotting because Will Smith or NWA didn’t get nominated or awarded Oscars. This is an abuse of connection with fans for personal gain and accolades. I definitely do “NOT” agree with those who publicly refused to support Will because of past personal bias. Nor do I believe Jada and others trying to shame Chris Rock for accepting the opportunity to host The Oscars. Intent is wrong on both accounts. Stand for something or fall for anything. Just can’t get involved with foolishness and we have to truly understand what’s going on before we jump on board these hot mess expresses.