Keith Pegram

Keith Pegram is an extraordinary individual that gives 110% every day. He has brightened the day of TAAG Members online in the organizations Facebook Group each morning for quite a while now. As a result of his exemplary courage, he was invited to be a group administrator. His valuable service helps build moral and keep people connected, day in and day out. The morning greetings are visually beautiful and many give us a chance to share the same good morning wishes with others. I love the initiative he took with The Albinism Alliance Group as a member and because of this he is being featured on the website as a “Person of Excellence”. We need more individuals like Mr. Pegram. Below you will find several questions for Mr. Pegram and his answers. These were posed to give more parents of children with albinism insight into the lives of persons from the AB community. As you learn more about his good nature and positive attitude extended to the group, it will allow you to see more opportunities for the next generation.

Where are you from?

I am from Petersburg Va

What is your family dynamic?

I have one sister I am the oldest she’s doesn’t have albinism and I have 2 sons 23 and 21 they don’t have albinism. We have a tight bond

What is your occupation?

Supervisor at Virginia industries for the blind. I am the first visually impaired supervisor in the company, I supervise the making of writing instruments the sale of GoJo hand soap and wizard wall it’s a roll of static paper that you can right on and do office meetings and roll up and put away your notes.

Keith Pegram 2

What makes you unique or is (are) your best asset(s)?

I am strong minded but laid back I believe in myself, I am athletic which allow me to see the world.

Are there any limitations in your life surrounding albinism (low vision limitation/skincare/other)?

The usual with having albinism. Now we are able to drive when I was growing up that opportunity wasn’t there and just hanging outside but to be honest I’ve never really let it bother me.

Do you have any advice for parents of children with albinism?

And for parents please let them know to be comfortable in his own in their own skin, be proud and be who you are, go for what you want. Teach that from birth