Albinism Docu-Series for TLC

Good Afternoon TAAG:

Document-Series TLCI’m writing to locate any families among us in and around the Atlanta area or bordering states that have two or more children with albinism. Other considerations include combinations where both parents and children have albinism or parents do not have albino but are parents to two or more teenage siblings with albinism. Preferably connections biological roots for family lineage. 

Examples are: Two sisters and a cousin or a Brother and sister and cousin etc or Family/guardians: parents without albinism but have two small/young children with Albinism . This is for a docuseries to be filmed for TLC. A Skype interview will be required and additional info will be provided to those who meet this criteria. While TLC is the learning channel this program is also providing entertainment. So, personality is a must!.

Please send emails with 2 photos to

More recently Perry met a group of Tanzanian children with hereditary albinism, who are being cared for by the Global Medical Relief Fund.

Tyler Perry meets a special group of children grateful for his support