The AB Experience ATL

The AB Experience ATL is a challenge of 7 people living with albinism growing into their purpose and dealing with the stigma of being different in a world where beauty is defined by superficial qualities, associated with tanned skin and perfection.  Society sees albinism as a taboo thing and many people find it humorous to discuss the condition from a simplistic perspective. In reality the condition is more than the surface things that you are able to see and because there are many different genes affected, producing different causes; Persons with albinism are not all the same and may deal with additional characteristics such as low vision, non-acceptance and social adjustment as a result. We want to bring transparency to the truth and motivate people with albinism with viable solutions, that show real people taking the path less traveled. Its easy to join the crowd, but when you are building your dream you have to make a few sacrifices that may take you out of the mainstream lime light and the pursuit of such things. We are not simply trying to be famous, we want to change the way the world views us, to respected view from an oddity. 

We are redefining beauty with strength built on perseverance and integrity. No one ever said life was easy but it can be harder when you have #albinism and #low #vision. If you are interested in supporting this venture and are a producer for a major network or growing your own production company we welcome your feedback. We are looking for more people to feature as supporting cast, as well. We would like to hear how you feel about our goal to produce a reality series featuring persons with albinism and our struggles, from a positive perspective. If you are interested in participating and need additional information please complete the form below and register with our portal. Look for efforts to produce to more spin off’s The AB Experience NY and VA